Vayeddaber Elohiym et Kol Haddevariym

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The 10 Commandments [Devariym] Yehovah shouted from the top of Mt. Sinai [also called Mt. Horeb, is now called Jamal al-Lawz], was recorded by Mosheh with a melody. Through oral tradition and Temple Scrolls, the melody was preserved to our generation, and made accessible by the research and publishing of Suzanne Hait-VanToura's, "Original Melodies of the Bible". The scale notes are indicated, without meter or key, because the Cantor will determine the tempo, rhythm, and key. This arrangement is written with transliterated Ivrit in the "D" Ahava Rabah mode, [Dominant mode of G Harmonic Minor] for Bb Trumpet, Eb Alto Sax, Baritone Cantor, Organ, and Tuba, in 6/4.   

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